Honorable delegates, you are the essence of every Model United Nations; therefore, it is your preparation what makes of it, either a remarkable or an unsuccessful activity. At this point, you have in your hands the choice of seizing this fruitful opportunity. Below you will find a series of useful recommendations and helpful guidelines that will accompany you in your journey towards becoming the ideal delegate.

Guidelines & Recommendations


• Just one (1) opening speech is required. It must contain information about the two topics. 

• Each opening speech should be read in a maximum time of one minute and a half.

• A position paper is essential, following the guidelines already established Pages required (1). One (1) position paper per delegation/political figure.

• PowerPoint presentations are permitted.

• If you wish to use the term “terrorism”, it is imperative that you make a motion, that will be considered as interruptible.

• The term “imperialism”, does not belong to the parliamentary language; therefore, no delegate may use it.

The schedule can be found in AISMUN´s 2019 Handbook.


November 28th, 2018: Mini Conference

March 1th, 2019: Opening Speeches and Position Papers due

March 14th to March 17th, 2019: Altamira International School Model United Nations XV



  1. Always speak in third person.

  2. Try to speak with an elevated vocabulary.

  3. Avoid colloquial expressions and sayings.

  4. Avoid being vulgar or disrespectful with words and/or actions.


If it is approved by presidents and Secretary Generals, any severe act have consequences, even if it is not enlisted below. Each of the following points has its consequence and warning. These are specified  in the AISMUN 2019 Handbook:

Use of electronic devices for other purposes than research and educational, those which contribute to the development and progress of the committee.

Any sorts of plagiarism or malpractice in a working paper, position paper or opening speech that can be proven by the Chair and/or the Secretary General & Director General. 

The intake of alcohol and other drugs inside AISMUN’s location is prohibited.

Eating and/or drinking inside the committee, or during Committee Work. 

Intolerance towards  others' races, religions and beliefs.

Robbery and/or keeping any type of weapon.


During all committee sessions and conference events, delegates are expected to follow and dress accordingly to the Western business attire; national attire and religious attire are also permitted.

Delegates who are dressed inappropriately for the event may be asked to change into more appropriate attire.