Get ready to #UNmaskCorruption this April 5th - 8th.


In the fourteenth edition of the Altamira International School's Model United Nations, AISMUN 2018, we have made it our purpose to take the mask off corruption.  


why corruption?

In a world where corruption has found a way not only to intrude into the foundations of our governmental systems, corroding the social fabric of society, but also igniting a war against lucidity, reason and human consciousness, it has become but the job of every human being to stand against this plague.  To restore people's trust in the political system and institutionsanother of the challenges of corruptionit takes a step-by-step process. In addition to joining the fight, we are acknowledging the fact that due to its complexity, honest politicians will not solve corruption as a whole. Hence, we believe in a strategy that combines both: the power of a well-organized civil society and the strict control on government conduct. Every participant in this event is incentivized to raise concerns to his/her community about corruption so as to oppress criminals and terrorists' efforts to spread, with the purpose of promoting accountable governments and achieving more stable societies.


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keynote SPEAKERS

Carlos Enrique Chacon

Carlos is a lawyer passionate about politics and International Affairs, who also sees his role as an opportunity to grow himself and develop others. He founded the first inter-university delegation for Model of UN in Venezuela, currently works at Econogy as the Talent, Time and Energy Manager, and is one of the Founding Directors of Kratos Leadership. Along this team, he helps build up students through the use of our Kratos Method and by their own life experience. In essence they are award winning contestants at Model UN such as Harvard University’s, have experience in student & real life politics, coordinated summer campsand have trained others in Leadership skills.