Get ready for AISMUN XV, March 14th-17th, 2019. Altamira International School’s Model United Nations invites you to experience your power with responsibility.



“The past cannot be changed.The future is yet in your power.”



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Los sucesos de nuestro mundo nos han obligado a vernos bajo un abuso del poder. El abuso implica el uso excesivo, impropio, injusto e indebido de algo o de alguien, en tanto, el poder es el dominio, la facultad o la jurisdicción que alguien tiene para mandar, o en su defecto, ejecutar alguna acción o actividad. Una realidad en la que convivimos diariamente sin darnos cuenta que el verdadero poder no es el que tiene un ser superior para dominar, pero aquel que se encuentra dentro de cada uno de nosotros.

Vivimos obligados a creer que ninguno de nosotros tiene el poder para cambiar y lograr lo que queremos. Actividades como AISMUN me han enseñado que esta realidad es efímera. Efímera, porque la duración de esta realidad es corta mientras nosotros, los jóvenes, entendamos cuánto poder tenemos dentro de nosotros y la responsabilidad que esto conlleva.

Sin mas preambulos, delegados les extiendo la invitación para utilizar con responsabilidad este poder y asistir a nuestra decimoquinta edición del Altamira International School, AISMUN XV. Donde su interés llevaran a su éxito, y su espíritu los ayudarán a redactar resoluciones fructíferas para combatir el abuso del poder.

Es un placer para mi como secretaria general darles la bienvenida a AISMUN 2019.

“Cuanto mayor es el poder, más peligroso es el abuso.”


Valentina Jiménez J.

Secretaria General AISMUN XV

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The United Nations is often criticized due to its apparent lack of efficiency and absurd time- consuming processes for decision making. In addition, resolutions are often viewed as consents achieved by a handful of countries who once were or still are blindly hailed. Yet, such perspective immerses itself in a curtailment of viewpoint.

The essence of the working mechanism of the international community relies in a social contract. Said bond states that each nation has an equivalent amount of power, independent of the growth of its GDP or the amount of weapons of mass destruction it holds. Each country has the power to participate and modify decisions that ultimatly generate global change.

The problematic humanity constantly faces resides in its poor management of power which it has been bestowed upon with. Unmeasured quantity of power flows through our veins and consumes us like mere poison, morphing what should be considered our most treasured possession into a gruesome and abusive attitude. Discussing and accepting differences that surround us is a basic principle of convivence, rather than imposing ideals as an ultimate truth. Responsibility means being tolerant and consequent with positions and choices previously opted. Power shall not be defined as the possession of authority but as the capability of accomplishment. The United Nations is not an organization build upons the pillars of meaningless bureaucracy but the union of power between 193 nations that strive for a dignified consensus to maintain the social contract.

Without further ado, it is my utmost honor to welcome you to AISMUN XV. I strongly encourage you to encounter balance within yourself. Embrace the power you have been granted.

Remember, great responsibility derives from immense power.

Cordial regards,

Laura Soto P.

Director General AISMUN XV