● AISMUN does not provide to the delegates WIFI, if they want to obtain it they must pay $ 30,000 at the hotel reception.


●  Just one (1) opening speech is required. It must contain information about the two topics.

●  Each opening speech should be read in a maximum time of one minute and a half.

●  A position paper is essential, following the guidelines already established. POSITION PAPER TEMPLATE can be found in resources.

●  PowerPoint presentations are permitted.

●  If you wish to use the term “terrorism”, it is imperative that you make a motion, that will be considered as interruptible.

●  The term “imperialism”, does not belong to the parliamentary language; therefore, no delegate may use it.


●  September 7th, 2019: Opening Speeches and Position Papers due.

●  September 12th to September 14th,2019: Altamira International School Model United Nations XVI.


●  Always speak in third person; “History and Politics of Westeros Committee” and “Comité De Representación Propia” are the only committees permitted to speak in first person.

●  Try to speak with an elevated vocabulary.

●  Avoid colloquial expressions and sayings.

●  Avoid being vulgar or disrespectful with words and/or actions.


If it is approved by Presidents and by the Secretary-General, any severe act have consequences, even if it is not enlisted below. Each of the following points has its consequence and warning. These are specified in the Handbook:

●  Use of electronic devices for other purposes than research and educational, those which contribute to the development and progress of the committee.

●  Any sort of plagiarism or malpractice in a working paper, position paper or opening speech that can be proven by the Chair and/or the Secretary-General & Director General.

●  The intake of alcohol and other drugs inside AISMUN’s location is prohibited.

●  Eating and/or drinking inside the committee, or during Committee Work.

●  Intolerance towards other races, religions, and beliefs.

●  Robbery and/or keeping any type of weapon.


● During all committee sessions and conference events, delegates are expected to follow and dress accordingly to the Western business attire; national attire and religious attire are also permitted.

● Delegates who are dressed inappropriately for the event may be asked to change into more appropriate attire.